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Published: 2010-07-30. As of July 29, 2010, there is a firmware update for the Nissin Di866 on Nissin's. I have downloaded it and tried to install it on the oldest and most buggy of my two Nissin Di866 units. It installs fine, but so far, I haven't noticed any improvements.

The bug that has been fixed on my newest Nissin Di866 is still present in the old one after installing the upgrade. What follows is a detailed report from my upgrade session. Since the process is quite elaborate, you may want to read through all of it before you try to upgrade. Caution: If the “sleep” bug has been fixed in your flash, installing this software may re-introduce it. However, I am not sure about this. For obvious reasons have I not tried to find out. Downloading and Installing When you visit.

Nissin Model Di866 Di622 Mark II. Compatibility Chart. Firmware update is required + Use the Sony Shoe Adaptor (ADP-MAA).

You'll find no date or version number for the upgrade, and the instructions are pretty skimpy. Install Cakephp In Windows 7. This is what it says: Please download the following application and execute it on your PC for Firmware Update. Canon Eos 30d Shutter Count Software For Nikon.

Di866 firmware: Setup.exe Cable: USB cable (A:miniB type) OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista Ram: 1G or above Internet connection needed Remarks: some of Firewall and anti-virus software may block the firmware execution. I think they at least could have supplied some release notes that told us about what this release is supposed to fix, but – no. My configuration and equipment meet all their requirements, so I download Setup.exe to my own computer.