Install Cakephp In Windows 7

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Posted on Updated on CakePHP is a rapid development framework for PHP. It uses structured framework to develop rapid application without loss of flexibility. CakePHP works out of the box with both PHP4 and PHP5. It is free and open source. It is distributed under the MIT license i.e. We can look at the source code of CakePHP. To install CakePHP Follow these steps: Step 1: Download latest version of CakePHP from this website Step 2: It will be downloaded in zip format.

CakePHP is a web development framework that uses the MVC model. It is a free open source framework for PHP that uses the Mode-View-Controller software design pattern. Here, I will explain how you can set up CakePHP using XAMPP on a Windows 7 system. Before we proceed, it is best that you install XAMPP first, which contains. Most of the people struct to install cakephp in windows. So that today we are going learn installation steps about CakePHP. Step1: Download CakePHP package from.

How To Install Cake Php In Xampp

Cara Menampilkan Lirik Lagu Di Hp Samsung more. Extract zip file. Step 3: Copy the folder and paste it in root directory i.e www. I am using WAMP so my root path is C:/wamp/www/ Then rename folder as cake or any other name you prefer. This folder contains following files: Step 4: Run WAMP and open browser.

Type localhost/cake and press enter. It will show this page: Step 5: Go to you cake folder in root directory and follow this path afterwards app/Config. Following files are present in Config folder. Rename database.php. Atmosphere Weather And Climate Barry Pdf Printer there. default file to database.php.

Step 6: Open PhpMyAdmin by typing in browser localhost/phpmyadmin. Fill you username and password (if any) to login.

Step 7: Create a database named as cake. Step 8: Open database.php file that you renamed in Step 5 to configure database. Find these lines that are shown follows: Step 9: Change the highlighted data as follows: ‘host’ =>‘localhost’ ‘login’ =>‘root’ (Your username for login phpmyadmin) ‘password’ =>” (I dont have password so i left it empty but If you have password to login phpmyadmin then write it here) ‘database’ =>‘cake’ (The database that we have created) Save the file and refresh localhost/cake page in browser.

Database connectivity is done now. Step 10: To remove the following errors go to C:/wamp/www/cake/app/Config/core.php Find this section in core.php file: Step 11: Open this link Find this section: And replace ‘ Security.salt‘ string and ‘ Security.cipherSeed‘ string in the core.php file with the string shown in this page respectively. Canon Ef 70-300 Is Usm Manual. Then save the file and refresh localhost/cake page.

Now there is no more error. It will show this page: Installation of CakePHP is done!!! We’ll install DebugKit in our next post. Try this first.

If you have any query then comment on the post. I’ll get back to you soon.