Canon Xh A1 Camera Storage Driver

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Canon Xh A1 Camera Storage Driver

It's probably been asked before but I looked and couldn't find. I've just attempted to get the HDV video footage from my XH A1 Canon into Vegas via a firewire 400. Hp Scanjet 2400 Pdf Software.

Hp Software Update. I'm using Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit. Three days and I'm about to throw this camera out the window without bothering to open it. Belajar Bilangan Biner Pdf Printer Canon Copier Pc 775 Manual. on this page.

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None of the instructions I've found on various forums work. Neither do the instructions from Canon or the Vegas Pro manual. Can anyone here please help me? I just need to edit the tape recording. Using import from the camera. I was 'told' this was 'easy' with Vegas Pro.

Perhaps they were referring to standard screen size, not wide screen. I really would be grateful for any help here. Thank you for your help.

If I knew what you wanted to know, perhaps I could provide the information. There are no 'drivers' for these cameras. Perhaps the fact the cameras have on-board tape recorders. Mini HDV to be precise. The early HDV 1080 video recorders built into the camera and they output either directly to firewire for studio recording or play true 1080i from the video recorder is what confuses you? Your sparing information is gratefully received. I'd much prefer to get help from someone who has or had one of these cameras.

Maybe even someone who still uses one. Currently I transfer the tape content to a Sony camera mounted hard drive and then onto my PCs hard drive. I had expected with the move to a new PC and Windows 8, I'd be able to sidestep that conversion and pick up the output directly from the camera. If I thought the current range of cameras that apply compression to record on SD cards could produce the same quality as these cameras do, I might buy one but this camera has produced several full length programs and documentaries with first rate quality. Even if I have to buy a HDV tape player, I'll do that before I replace it. Thanks for your input.