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HP Blade chassis are integral to many IT infrastructure deployments. Within each chassis there are multiple components: for example Onboard Administrators, network switches running maybe Virtual Connect and the blade servers themselves which contain SSD/HDD drives, Nic or HBA cards, iLOs and motherboards. All of these components require firmware to run and many of them are from different manufactures such as Nic cards which can be made by Broadcom, Intel or Emulex. Managing this firmware can be a frustrating and time consuming process which adds another management layer separate from the Operating System, applications and even HP drivers installed on the actual blade servers. HP has previously had a very disparate way of managing it’s firmware and drivers. Different firmware and drivers had to be updated with different tools and was often very little or no coordination between the different updates causing any number of issues. Download Generic Bluetooth Adapter Driver For Hp Probook 4530s. HP seems to have responded to customer frustration and is now coordinating their firmware and driver update procedures. Canon Powershot S100 Digital Elph User Manual.

HP Smart Update Firmware DVD is a collection. The Firmware DVD is an ISO image and is available as a download at HP.com. HP Smart Update Manager will install. Smart Update Manager (SUM) and the Service Pack for ProLiant (SPP) combine to create the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Update Technology to solve the problem of time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone updates.

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They have moved to a maintenance system which they are calling the HP Service Pack for Proliant (SPP). Hp Wireless Keyboard 5219urf Driver. So far these have been released regularly about every 3 months. Hp Dc5100 Mt Video Driver Windows 7. HP says the SPP is a comprehensive update package which contains all firmware, drivers and tools which have been pre-tested to work together and are also supported for a year from release.

This means you shouldn’t get the 'you have to upgrade your firmware and drivers to the latest before we’ll troubleshoot your issue' when you call with a problem. The SPPs are dated so you can tell when they were released to check the support year. For example the latest one is HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2012.08.0. The SPP is delivered as a full ISO containing everything and six subset ISOs broken out by OS and server types. The ISOs available are: • HP Service Pack for ProLiant • BladeSystem Red Hat Enterprise Linux Pack • BladeSystem SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Pack • BladeSystem Microsoft Windows Server Pack • ProLiant ML/DL/SL Red Hat Enterprise Linux Pack • ProLiant ML/DL/SL SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Pack • ProLiant ML/DL/SL Microsoft Windows Server Pack You can boot off the.ISOs to apply firmware offline and included is HP Smart Update Manager (HPSUM) which is am agentless deployment application to update firmware and software. HPSUM runs an inventory against a server or blade chassis and then installs updates in the correct order.

This is definitely a marked improvement from the previous updating process and HP is working with what it has to make the updates easier. I say working with what it has as I there is so much more that needs to be done by HP to improve managing firmware and software. Having to boot off an.ISO to apply firmware is such a time consuming and laborious task that really shouldn’t be needed in this day and age. Have a look at how which is just streets ahead. HP does seem to be moving forward with some of the management tasks now being handled by the iLO in Gen8 servers but having truly automated, scalable firmware management may only become reality a with the next generation of blade chassis which is years away. So,moan over, lets update a blade chassis and its components with HPSUM.