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Pes 2010 Update To 2017

I have some problems too run this patch (4.0 + fix 4.0.1) in my PC. After downloading, extracting, and install this pacth, i try too run the PESEdit-Selector as administrator, put my password but i have always the same error: pes2010.exe error files missing d3dx9_dll try to reinstall after this, the game start but i cannot play, because the game crash in all options. Someone as the same problems? I try everything but the error is always the same. Anyone can help me? Thank you Windows 7 64bits intel core i5 2.27Ghz ATI mobility radeon HD 5650 4.00Ghz RAM.

This is for the moderators/administrators of this site & for anyone who has an idea on how to solve this issue, I’ve seen this complain in many threads but no solution. But i believe you guys can do it!!! My PES2010 was not installed(as in i got it as a portable application) and it works well. You know something? This game really sucks! I’ve always been a PES fan, but I don’t know what they did on this new version.

I mean, what were they thinking? The referee is always against you: same plays on each side; but all of yours are foul, none for the PC. You get to the PC’s goal twenty times during a game, posts, shots wide out, PC’s goalkeeper catches what yours just lefts bouncing for the PC to score, and then at the last minute the PC scores! What were they thinking? Is it a game or a torture chamber?

And it’s at $50 or $60 in some stores! Is it a joke? Brother Printer Firmware Update Password In Thunderbird. You guys should develop a real gameplay patch in order to fix what these stupids from KONAMI made.

Really nice stadiums and boots, but the gameplay is just trash. Looking forward PES2011 to see whether a thinking head took over the AI department and fixed this piece of garbage. For all the people who experienced my above problem and the one i posted on July 25, 2011 at 9:54 am.

They keep saying “recommended to do a fresh installation before installing the 4.1 patch” but that is not the issue. I finally solved it after installing several times with different methods: 1.

Delete old installations 2. If you can, delete any key with (pes2010) or (konami) from your registry 3. Delete any (KONAMI) or (pes2010) folder from program files or my documents 4.restart your system 5. Install pes 2010 6. Install official konami 1.3 update 7.

Run the game and begin both ML(master league) and BAL(become a legend) at least playing a single game and saving each. 8.exit the game 9. Install patch 4.1 10.