Php 5 3 8 For Readynas X86 Platform

Php 5 3 8 For Readynas X86 Platform 5,5/10 2132reviews

Php 5 3 8 For Readynas X86_64. 3/18/2017 0 Comments. Enjoy your new SPARC platform. 5.3.14: OSX 10.8: php binaries installed as binary.dSYM. NETGEAR ReadyNAS.

Php 5 3 8 For Readynas X86 Platforms

PHP5 5.4.44 • Description: is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. • Requirements: RAIDiator 4.1.7 or newer • Platform: Sparc • Current Version: • Important: Make sure to have SSH access enabled on your ReadyNAS before installing this addon. (Better safe than sorry!) • This module should be compatible with the SqueezeBox-Addon. I tried with the latest version and it worked for me. If you encounter problems, let me know • No restart of the ReadyNAS required, should work right after installation. Give it a minute or two for the web server needs to restart in the background. • This addon is compiled with optimized compiler flags for the CPUs used in the Intel based ReadyNAS systems.

• New: Allows to enable / disable certain modules from within FrontView. Fe En Busqueda De Nuevos Entendimientos Pdf Printer. Download Tema Hp Cross Android Gratis here. Example: • Details: • This addon contains the module for the Apache web server as well as the command line version of PHP. Install Windows Xp On Hp Dc 7900 Cmt.