Asterisk Show Active Calls Php Code

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So I have a VOIP system set up through a FreePBX server. Driver Printer Hp Deskjet 2410. I want to have it so that when a new call is picked up by FreePBX, asterisks will send the caller ID and the call ID to a php script, which will then use that information to gather ticket information for the account related to that caller ID. Canon Kh20x6 4 Krs Manual Arts. It will then update a database with the found information.

When a user answers the phone, I then want to send the user's extension and the call ID to another php script and update the database with the new information. Cara Driver Printer Canon Mp237 more. Canon I Sensys Lbp6650dn User Manual. I have looked into PHPARI, but the documentation is lacking for me. I just need it to go one way, and PHPARI and similar libraries seem to focus on going both ways, from what I've understood. My internet searches have yielded nothing, so I turn to you guys for help and guidance.

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