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Drivers Epson Tm-u220pd Windows 7. Hi again, I spoke with Keyspan and they assured me the USB to Serial device was working if I could use the Screen tool. I asked why I was unable to redirect stdin/stdout to and from the /dev/tty. Device and was told there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to do so. I have tried: #echo “A” >/dev/ tty.USA28Xb2P1.1 The terminal window just hangs.

Molecular Descriptors For Cheminformatics Pdf Printer more. PHP by default does not offer good COM port support however a PHP extension called Direct IO does offers low level access to IO. We will use this extension for serial port communication. On unix system install the extension using PECL, open a terminal and type.

I have also tried #chat and #efax with no luck. Has anyone had any luck with serial port communication from any other shell scripting language on a unix/linux box? Corey Subject: [nyphp-talk] Serial communication in Mac OS X To: Message-ID: Content-Type: text/plain; charset='us-ascii' Hi All, I am trying to connect to /dev/tty.USA28Xb2P1.1 which is a Keyspan USB to Serial adapter. I have had success using the screen utility, #screen /dev/tty.USA28Xb2P1.1 but I would like to use PHP to create a web interface to a microcontroller.

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I have attempted fopen with no luck: >$port = '/dev/tty.USA28Xb2P1. Hp 1315 All In One Drivers Xp. 1'; >>$p = fopen($port, 'r+'); >$read = fread($p, filesize($port)); >fclose($p); >>echo $read; >>$p = fopen($port, 'r+'); >fwrite($p, 'A'); >fclose($p); I have tried SerProxy but cannot get a connection through telnet. I have also tried LibSerial but could only find version 0.5.2 which does not yet support PHP apparently. I have read about IOKit but I am not sure it will get me where I want to be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. More UNIX and Linux Forum Topics You Might Find Helpful Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Monttanna HP-UX 5 07:06 PM RSC1985 Shell Programming and Scripting 2 05:14 AM rzyz Shell Programming and Scripting 3 05:34 PM xinUoG OS X (Apple) 2 10:48 AM DreamWarrior Programming 1 04:30 PM arunchaudhary19 Programming 9 04:52 PM pcsaji IP Networking 1 10:10 AM KrazyGuyPaul UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers 1 01:50 PM Vicky UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users 1 12:22 PM Aretha UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers 1 08:44 PM.