Php 5.3.29 Exe

Php 5.3.29 Exe 6,9/10 5729reviews

Windows 7 Printer Drivers Epson C60 Driver. Welcome to UniServer ZeroXI Modules Archive Releases ----------- Introuction ----------- The Archive_old_versions folder contains old Modules. These may be of use for creating a server that matches your provider’s installation.

This guide will show you how to set up and run PHP 5.6 and 5.3 at the same time under Apache (but can also be used to set up and run any two, or more, different PHP 5 versions side-by-side). Make sure WampDeveloper is currently using PHP 5.6 FCGI (check Components Tab).

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This will load the default/global PHP-FCGI configuration, which we will later override under a specific website or directory. You’ll also need the PHP 5.3 FCGI version already downloaded and present on the system. We’ll use PHP version 5.3.29 in this example.

Php 5.3.29 Exe