Manual For Xerox Memory Writer 625 Area

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Manual For Xerox Memory Writer 625 Area

• Keep unused envelopes in their packaging to avoid the effects of moisture, which can affect feed reliability. • Use the recommended envelope sizes. • Single-sided printing only. • No end flaps. • No windows or metal clasps.

• No exposed gummed surfaces. • In your application, create a document matching the measurements of the envelope. Refer to for dimensions. • From your application, make these selections: • Set the orientation to Landscape. • Select the envelope size. • Select Manual Feed Paper as the paper source.

• If your application has a tool for creating envelopes, select the feed method that matches the illustration in Step 4. • Send the job to the printer. • When the printer's front panel reads Waiting for manual feed. Insert one envelope, insert one envelope until it stops: Insert one envelope with the short end of the envelope entering the printer first, and with the flap side face-up and aligned with the left side of the manual feed slot. Envelope printing hints • For Macintosh users: If the envelope address prints upside-down, to correct, select Page Setup; select Landscape and Envelope size. In Page Setup's PostScript Options select Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical.

From the Print dialog window, select Manual Paper Feed. • Many applications include a tool for creating an envelope document. For example, Microsoft Word includes an Envelopes and Labels feature under the Tools menu. Make sure that you select Face Down; select the feed method icon showing the flap entering to the left, and select Clockwise Rotation. If the envelope addressing prints upside-down in Microsoft WORD, from the Tools menu select the Envelope and Labels item.

After clicking the Feed button, select Face Down, Clockwise Rotation, Left Flap (the right icon), and Use Envelope Feeder. In the Envelope Page Setup dialog, select Landscape, Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical. From the Print dialog window, select Manual Feed. • Check the Xerox web site for any application- or platform-specific information for printing envelopes on this printer. • Xerox recommends using Avery White Laser Labels, for example: • A/Letter: 5160, 5960 • A4: L7162 • Each label is at least 25 x 67 mm or 1 x 2.625 in.

Smaller labels may peel off and damage printer components. • If any of the labels on a sheet are missing, do not use that sheet; it may damage the printer. • Use full-sheet peel-off labels.

• Make sure that the duplex printing option is disabled in the printer driver. • Do not store labels in high-humidity environments. Labels stored under such conditions will jam in the printer. • Refer to your application's manual for information on page orientation and page margins. If your application has a setting for Avery labels, use it as a template.