Install Linux On Hp Stream 7 Tablet

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Ubuntu On Hp Stream 7

I've been working on trying to get Arch with Gnome installed on an HP Stream 7 Windows Tablet. I'm not sure if others have had success, but I figured I'll post what I've done to get most of it working and then post the issues I've been having.

Hp Dvd 840 Drivers Download. Note that everything I did was using a Micro USB to USB OTG adapter. Canon Utilities Zoombrowser Ex. Install Windows Xp On Hp Dc 7900 Usff. You may be able to do this over an SD Card, but I have not tried it.

Working: EFI: The device uses a 32-bit EFI, which is uncommon except in some Macbooks. I had to make a custom Arch install disk by using the following grub-install command. The id must be BOOT and the target must be i386-efi. The MSB of the first byte read via I2C seems to indicate whether the data is valid (or ready) when an interrupt is raised. Previously, this bit was ignored, which resulted in a lot of incorrect detections of 'finger removed' events. Git clone cd rtl8723as make sudo make install sudo depmod -a sudo modprobe r8723bs I know the repository is named rtl8723as, but it has the rtl8723bs module needed.

I'm not 100% sure this is the same wireless chip in the Linx tablet you have, but it might work. Bluetooth does not seem to work with this driver (yet?), I'm not sure what the status of the driver is though. Anyways, how did the patches for the touchscreen go? Canon Mpc190 Driver Windows 7 64 Bit there. I tried the ones you mentioned on the other thread, but it just made the layout get screwed up. I didn't try calibrating it after the patch though. The touchscreen on mine seems to constantly make BTN_TOUCH events in evtest, flipping between states 0 and 1.

The Stream 7 is a great value and its Intel architecture allows running common Linux distributions. I installed Ubuntu Mate 14.10 32-bit on the Stream 7 and it is running well. Some things are not yet working such as the built-in Wifi (I am using a USB Wifi adaptor) and the touchscreen, (I am using an external mouse and a on-screen keyboard). Linux on the HP Stream tablet. Got linux to install, got wifi and touchscreen to work. I guess there must be a way to download the grub package on another.