Hp Support Assistant Silent Install Switches

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Hp Support Assistant Silent Install Switches

When running the command-line silent install of HP Image Assistant, the camera software fails to silently install. Free Download Lexmark X5630 Printer Driver. It runs the installer in normal mode and prompts for user interaction, causing the rest of the silent installs to wait for the user to interact with the dialog box. The command to start the silent install: HPImageAssistant.exe /Operation:Analyze /Catagory:All /Selection:All /Action:Install /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:C: HPIA /Silent I've recorded this happening on a ZBook 15 G4 (happens on 840 G2, G3, G4 as well): I noticed the sp79651 HP Universal Camera Driver folder included a install.cmd that had the following code: @echo off rem Switch to batch file directory pushd%~dp0 pushd bin 'HPUCDSilent.exe' popd:done popd exit /b%ERRORLEVEL% So I ran HPUCDSilent.exe and sure enough, it didn't silently install. So I grabbed the same SoftPaq from hp.com, ran HPUCDSilent.exe and it installed silently! So there is something weird with the installer the HP Image Assistant downloads and runs.

Your issue has been passed to development. The issue is with the Universal Camera Driver and the space in the exetutable path. In your video you will notice that when you execute the SoftPaq from directory C: SWSETUP SP79651 there are no spaces in the path. It is believed the spaces in the path are causing silent installation to not execute silently. Other drivers are not having this problem.

I do not have an ETA on when this will be corrected. I will continue to monitor this issue and post updates as they are available. First off, I really want to thank everybody from this forum, and I am going to summarize the mistakes I made and the help that I received here, along with my (almost) final solution.

If HP Support Assistant is not listed or does not uninstall correctly, install the latest HP Support Assistant version without uninstalling the old version. After HP Support Assistant is installed and working, repeat the uninstall steps. Describes the command-line switches that are supported by a software installation package. Runs the package in silent mode.

Redline Software Printer Activity Monitor. The first mistake that I made was that I don't know how to spell category, as I was spelling it catagory. English is my first language btw The second mistake that I made is that I wasn't extracting the.exe and running it's contents, I was trying to run those switches against the original.exe, which was obviously not doing anything. I ended up installing it on a local machine, and then taking the C: sp***** folder and copying it onto the network, another derp mistake. Now that I have all that working, I also have something to offer that hasn't been yet mentioned on this posts.

In order to keep it from freezing up on the camera drivers, simply install the camera drivers first in a task sequence manually, until a fix is made. Then, in your HPIA script, simply taskkill any of the camera driver processes, just in case, to keep it from freezing. In the end, the script will look something like this: Start /wait ServerLocation AppLocation HPImageAssistant.exe /Operation:Analyze /Category:All /Selection:All /Action:Install /SoftpaqDownloadFolder:C: HPIA /Silent TASKKILL /F /'IM setup.exe' TASKKILL /F /'IM DxSetup.exe' Then, you make a package without a program, run a command line in the task sequence calling out the script and check the package box, and viola! Thanks again to everyone for help on the derp!