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If I am not wrong you have HP Laptop and there is no Display on the Screen. Sol 1: Remove the Battery and turn on the Laptop directly with the Power Adaptor connected on it and check whether it shows the Display? Sol 2: On the back side of the Laptop there is a there is a flap.

Open it with a small screw driver, once you open it you will see there are 2 RAMs connected inside remove one, and check the laptop with once RAM connected on it. It could be a problem with one of the RAMs in the Laptop, Replace the faulty one. Regards Tejodhar Atreya Uppaluru 255 views 0 helpful votes.

Hp Deskjet F2480 Driver For Windows 7 64 Bit. (If 'charger' is good) Fuse? No Diagnostic flowchart: A) AC adapter (Charger), has to be KNOWN to be good, before going on. Used on a working laptop to see, or multimeter is used to check Voltage (DC) The plug end that goes to the laptop, from the AC adapter, has a Center Hole, and a cylindrical outside metal shell. The Function knob is set to DC Voltage.

If just a symbol, the symbol is a dotted line over a solid line. Download Free Project Management By K Nagarajan Pdf Printer. If more than one DC Voltage scale, the Function knob is set to the 0-50 Volt DC scale. The Positive (Red) probe lead of the multimeter goes to the Center Hole, and the Negative (Black) probe lead of the multimeter, goes to the cylindrical outside metal shell. You should be reading 19 Volts DC. Hp Dmi Tool Download.

Also have an assistant gently wiggle the cable FROM AC adapter TO laptop, and the power cable TO AC adapter. If there is a fluctuation on the reading, there is a broken wire, or wires, in one of those cables. B) Check the DC Power Jack. This is the jack on the laptop (DC_IN) that the AC adapter plugs into. Has a Center Pin, and an inner cylindrical metal shell. Battery removed, use an eraser on the end of a No.2 pencil, and see if you can GENTLY wiggle the Center Pin around. ANY perceptible movement of the CENTER PIN, means replacing the DC Power Jack, (By the way, is it an 8510p, or 8510w?) Any movement of the rest of the DC Power Jack (Body), means replacing it; or may just mean the solder joints are cracked, and can be re-soldered.

C) AC adapter and DC Power Jack checks out? Problem may be with Power MOSFET's on the motherboard, and associated MLCC's. (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor, and they are SMD/SMT just like the Power MOSFET's.

Download Cheat Art Of War 1 Buat Hp Nokia 205. Surface Mount Device/ Surface Mount Technology) Using HP pavilion dv6000 series, and Pavilion dv9000 series Notebook PC's, for an example, Or, it could be worse, Regards, joecoolvette 207 views 0 helpful votes. Power On Password & Hard Disk Password With your next laptop you should protect it with a Power On Password AND put a password on your hard disk. This will stop anyone from using your laptop and if they move the hard disk from your laptop to another laptop they cannot access the data on your hard disk with the hard disk password.

BUT you need to write down or remember these passwords; if you lose or forget them you cannot gain access to your laptop. There are no backdoor passwords to remove these passwords. To set up or change these passwords, go to the BIOS configuration - then security configuration. 330 views 0 helpful votes. When you connect the power adapter into the laptop, does the power LED light up? If not then - The battery adapter or the adapter's power lead or the laptop's power socket could be faulty. Check power adapter's DC plug that connects into the laptop power socket with a multi-meter, the voltage should be slightly higher than the voltage that is printed on the label on the bottom of the adapter.