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Hello, i have her a couple of server (HP DL380 G5) with an SmartArray P400 Raid-controller. This controller is not supported(by RH) anymore by the current hpsa-driver which is be the replacment vor the older cciss-driver in rh7, centos 6.5 works fine.

3 newer controllers that are not compatible with the older cciss driver. When deploying SLES 11 SP1 on HP ProLiant Gen8 servers, obtain a Bootable Driver Kit from SUSE, which contains an updated hpsa driver version.1 As of SLES 11 SP2, the standard driver for newer Smart Array controllers (see Table 1). The first thing I realized on a physical installation was that the drive array devices are now SCSI /dev/sdX names versus the longtime /dev/cciss/cXdX block devices. Apparently, this is due to a new device driver, hpsa instead of cciss.

Ibm Proprinter Ii Driver For Windows 7. So the question is, is it possible to bring the cciss-driver in the plus-kernel? If not, what would the best way to use this driver, and keep it current with the kernel-upgrades(also generate an images for install on the server, pxe-boot prefered) regards Ingo. Be careful with using CentOS 7 and RAID controllers that are supported by cciss module. I also used 'hpsa_simple_mode=1' and 'hpsa_allow_any=1' module parameters for customer server I had to install - DL 360 G5 with P400i. I even installed 'hpacucli' from HPs 'MCP' repository for CentOS 6 to query physical and logical drive status.

Hp Cciss Driver Linux

To this point all was fine, but I could not use other tools from MCP repository (snmp agents and System Management) due to unresolvable dependencies (it's was CentOS 6 repository after all). HOWEVER, what I wanted to actually say is BE CAREFUL. HP recently published MCP repository for CentOS 7 and I was glad that before finishing my work, I will be able to also install HP tools for appropriate OS version. But, 'hpacucli' was not there any more, there is 'hpssacli' using which You apparently can screw up logical drives. 'hpssacli' (apparently) led the HW to fail one of physical disks every time I queried controller/logical disk/physical disk states. Hp Officejet 5740 Windows 10 Driver.

I can't provide any more details as I didn't bother debugging this any further and just installed CentOS 6 (support until 2020 is more than enough for this server). Maybe for others this will work fine because besides unsupported OS version on this server there were another key component, that might have lead to this problem - non-HP disk drives (ie. Drives with non HP firmware).