Epson Dlq 3500 Printer Service Manual

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Home Support Printers Dot Matrix Printers DLQ Series Epson DLQ-3500. Epson DLQ-3500. Service Center Locator. Buttons and Lights (2/2) EPSON DLQ-3500 Quick Guide 5 Paper Source button Selects a paper source. Manual feed wait time 0.5 second, 1 second, 1.5 seconds, 2 seconds. The printer operates in the EPSON ESC/P2 mode. Aplikasi Amaze Gps Untuk Hp Java. When you select IBM PPDS, the printer emulates an IBM printer.

Epson Dlq 3500 Printer

Epson Projector Bulb Lifespan. • NTER EPSON TERM NAL PR DLQ”3000 SERVICE MANUAL EPSON. • All efforts have been made toerwuretheaccuracyof the contents of this manual.

However, should any errors be detected, SEIKO EPSON would greatly appreciate being informed of them. The above notwithstanding SEIKO EPSON can assume no responsibility for any errors in this manual or the consequence thereof. • THE POWER SUPPLY CABLE MUST BE CONNECTED, USE EXTREME CAUTION IN WORKING ON POWER SUPPLY AND OTHER ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS. REPAIRS ON EPSON PRODUCT SHOULD BE PERFORMED ONLY BY AN EPSON CERTIFIED REPAIR TECHNICIAN. MAKE CERTAIN THAT THE SOURCE VOLTAGE IS THE SAME AS THE RATED VOLT- AGE, LISTED ON THE SERIAL NUMBER/RATING PLATE. • Includes a step-by-step guide for product disassembly and assembly.

ADJUSTMENT Includes a step-by-step guide for adjustment. TROUBLESHOOTING Provides Epson-approved techniques for adjustment. MAINTENANCE Describes preventive maintenance techniques and lists lubricants and adhesives required to service the equipment.

APPENDIX Describes connector pin assignments, circuit diagrams, circuit board component layout and exploded diagram. • REVISION SHEET Issue Date Revision Page Revision June 1,1994 1st issue Rev.


TROUBLESHOOTING CHAPTER 5. MAINTENANCE CHAPTER 6. • CHAPTER 1 Product Description Table of Contents Download Tema Untuk Hp Nokia Asha 210 there. 1.1 FEATURES 1.2 SPECIFICATIONS 1.2.1 Hardware Specifications.1-2 Paper Handling Specifications.

• List of Figures Figure Exterior View of the DLQ-3000.1-1 -2. Canon Clc 3200 Driver Mac Os X. Pin Configuration.1-2 Figure Figure -3. • Product Description DLQ-3000 Service Manual FEATURES DLQ-3000 is 24-pin serial dot-matrix and flat-bed type impact printer.

The main features are: Optional color printing using the optional color ribbon (black, magenta, cyan, yellow). Use of ESC/P2 control codes Printing speed 120 Cps. • DLQ-3UO0 Service Manual Product Descri~tion 1.2 SPECIFICATIONS This section provides detailed information about the DLQ-3000. 1.2.1 Hardware Specifications Serial impact dot matrix Printing method: Pin configuration: 24 wires 0.0079 inch (0.2 mm) Pin diameter: 0.86 mm=l/30’’+l/2160” 6 x 0. 0 2 3 m m ( = l - 1 0 8 0 ” ) ~ I j ~ ~6x0.023mm(=14080”)!

• Product Description DLQ-3000 Service Manual The paper thickness lever must be set at the proper position as shown below. Paper Thickness Lever Paper Thickness Lever Position 0.06 mm -0.11 mm (0.0024 in. -0.0043 in.) 0.11 mm -0.15 mm (0.0043 in. -0.0059 in.) 0.15 mm -0.19 mm (0.0059 in.

• DLQ-3000 Service Manual Product Description Table 1-6. Continuous Paper (Single Sheet and Multi-part) Specifications Width 101-406 mm [4 - 16 in.1 Single sheet length 101- 559 mm [4 - 22 in.] 1 original+ 5 copies (using fabric ribbon) Copies 1 original only (using film ribbon) 0.065 mm - 0.46 mm [0.0025 in.

• Product Description Service Manual DLQ-3000 101.6 mm -254 mm [4” - 10”] max. 345mm [13.6”] max. 9mm [0.35”] min.

Printable area 9mm [0.35”] min. 4.2mm [0,17”] min. - - - - --------------- 4.2mm [0.17”] Printable area min. Printable Area for Continuous Paper Ribbon Cartridge Specifications Ribbon cartridge (black): No. • DLQ-3000 Service Manual Product Description Electrical Specifications Table 1-8. Electrical Specifications 120 V Version 230 V Version Description 120 VAC I Rated voltage 220-240 VAC Input voltage range 103.5-132 VAC 198-264 VAC Rated frequency range 50- 60 t-fz Input frequency range 49.5- 60.5 tiz.

• Product Description DLQ-3000 Service Manual 1.2.2 Firmware Specifications ESC/P2 Control code: Legal and 14 internatioml character sets Character sets: Italic table Standard model: (Us.) PC437 PC850 (Multilingual) PC860 (Portuguese) PC863 (Canadian-French) PC865 (Nordic) BRASCII (Brazilian Portuguese) Abicomp (Brazilian Portuguese) PC437 Greek (Greek) • Product Description DLQ-3000 Service Manual Table 1-9. Resolution Printing Mode Horizontal Density Vertical Density Adjacent Dot Print 90 dpi 180 dpi High speed draft 120 dpi 180 dpi Draft 240 dpi 180 dpi Draft condensed 360 dpi 180 dpi 60,80,90 or 120 dpi. • Product Description DLQ-3000 Service Manual These modes are selected by several conditions as follows flowchart; Prmthead t e m p. ‘ E s >12” C? ‘ E s MODE6 MODE5 & MODE2 Black color print? & ‘& MODE O Paper thickness ——.