Eddie Bauer Car Seat 22 740 Hpn Manual Transmission

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Eddie Bauer Car Seat 4358-3340D. Eddie Bauer Alpha Omega Deluxe 3 in 1 Car Seat Owner's Manual.

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Determine that your child is the correct height and size to use the booster. The Eddie Bauer Deluxe Highback Booster seat is meant to be used as a booster from 40 to 100 pounds and 43 to 52 inches. Your child must also be over a year old. Catalyst Ex 3d Printer Software Download on this page. Keep in mind, though, that your state likely has laws to determine at which age a child can use a booster seat. Unlatch the child restraint if you’ve been using it with the five-point harness. It is dangerous to use the latch attachments with a seatbelt.

Clip the latch hooks to each other behind the child restraint and tighten them so that they’re stay out of the way. Unfasten the harness from the splitter plate to remove the five-point harness.

The harness is the straps that are attached at the back of the seat. The splitter plate is the T-shaped metal piece that holds the harness together. Pull the straps through the front of the seat and unthread the harness from the harness retainer, the plastic piece that clasps to hold the child in.

Unthread the harness from the buckle plates, the plastic piece that sits between a child’s legs when he’s restrained. Delphi For Php 2.0 Crack. Completely pull the harness out of the shell. Reach under the shell and locate the buckle’s metal clip. With some maneuvering, you should be able to slide it through the shell to remove the buckle. Place the seat in its fully upright position by pulling on the recline handle and pulling the restraint all the way up. Place the booster against the back of the car’s seat.