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Foreign Policy provides the most comprehensive overview of America's role in international politics. Expert contributors focus in turn on the historical background, institutions, regional relations, and contemporary issues that are key to its foreign policy-making. The second edition includes two new chapters on Obama's use of smart power and a debate on the nature of U.S.

Michael Cox and Doug Stokes, US Foreign Policy (Oxford University Press, 2008) Gideon Rose, How Wars End: Why We Always Fight the Last Battle (Simon and Shuster, 2010) Harry W. Kopp and Charles A. Gillespie, Career Diplomacy: Life and Work in the U.S. Foreign Service.

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All chapters have been updated with important developments including the effects of the global financial crisis, the on-going conflict in Afghanistan, and political uprisings in the Middle East. Incorporating helpful learning features and an extensive accompanying website, this is the ideal textbook for students of U.S. Foreign policy. The following resources for students and lecturers can be found on the Online Resource Centre: For students: - Interactive map detailing U.S.

Foreign policy by region - Timeline of key events in U.S. Foreign policy - Multiple choice questions - Web links For lecturers: - Essay questions - Seminar questions and activities.

Table of Contents U. Foreign Policy by Cox, Michael (Editor); Stokes, Doug (Editor) Terms of Use List of boxes p. Xvii List of controversies p. Xix List of key quotes p.

Xx List of major debates and their impact p. Xxii About the editors p. Xxiii About the contributors p. Xxv Introduction: US foreign policy-past, present, and future Michael Cox and Doug Stokes p. 1 1 Theories of US foreign policy Brian Schmidt p. 7 Introduction p.

8 Theories of American foreign policy p. 10 Origins of the Cold War p. 17 Grand strategy p. 19 Conclusion p. 22 2 American exceptionalism Daniel Deudney and Jeffrey Meiser p.

24 Introduction: American difference and exceptionality p. 25 Difference, exceptionality, and success p. 26 Liberal exceptionalism p. 29 Peculiar Americanism p. 32 Exceptionality and foreign policy p.

35 Conclusion: unipolarity, war on terrorism, and unilateralism p. 39 Section 1 Historical Contexts p. 43 3 The US rise to world power, 1776-1945 Walter LaFeber p. 45 Introduction p.

Download Free Mike Portnoy Drum Anthology Pdf Printer on this page. 46 From colonies to continental empire, 1776-1865 p. 46 From old empire to new empire, 1865-1913 p.

50 Wilson’s empire of ideology-and the bitter reaction, 1913-33 p. 52 The road from economic depression to the Cold War, 1933-45 p. 56 Conclusion p. 60 4 American foreign policy during the Cold War Richard Saull p.

63 Introduction p. 64 The Cold War and theorizing American foreign policy p.

65 The origins of the Cold War and containment p. 68 Korea, NSC-68, and the militarization of US foreign policy p. 76 Cold War in the third world p. 78 Ending the Cold War p. 83 Conclusion p. 86 5 America in the 1990s: searching for purpose John Dumbrell p. 88 Introduction: post-Cold War American internationalism p.

89 Searching for purpose: the ‘Kennan sweepstakes’ p. 90 Foreign policy making in the new order p.

96 US foreign policy in the post-Cold War era p. 98 Conclusion p. 103 Section 2 Institutions and Processes p. 105 6 The foreign policy process: executive, Congress, intelligence Michael Foley p. 107 Introduction p. 108 Challenge of foreign policy to state formation p. 108 Foreign policy as a primary agency of governmental adaptation p.

110 Congress and the challenge of co-equality p. Download Tema Untuk Hp Nokia X2 Gratis there. 115 Democratic dilemmas p. 120 9/11, the war on terror, and new tensions p. 123 Conclusion p. 126 7 Military power and US foreign policy Beth A. 129 Introduction p. 130 Rise of American military power, 1945-91: containment and deterrence p.