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Still remember that song from the latest Close-Up Commercial? The one with a girl blowing soap bubbles in a public market and then a guy approaches because he was somehow blinded with that soap bubbles that the girl blown? Apparently, I like the background song. And I am loving it! I was actually shocked and amazed at the same time when I first heard that it was Rico Blanco, former Rivermaya band member and lead vocalist, who wrote and sang the song for the commercial because it sounded so foreign! Hpi Rc Cars Dvd Version 3 more. And that's a compliment! If you are not familiar with the commercial, below is preview of it and the preview of the said song with lyrics at the bottom.

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The New Close-up Advertisement Page. The secret behind his brilliant white smile turns out to be Close-up toothpaste. Delighted with life, he comes out of his.

Close Up Commercial: Come Closer (Full version) It was reported that Rico Blanco was hired by Unilever Indonesia to compose the theme song for the Close Up Commercial. It turned out very good, I think the Close Up Commercial is now being shown all over Asia! And because of this, the song that Rico Blanco composed is now being heard all over Asia! Download Mhp2ndg Cwcheat Hp Hack Software.

I'm loving your song, man! Mabuhay ang Pinoy! Below is the lyrics of Come Closer by Rico Blanco. @anonymous: hi there! As I said before, it was rico blanco's version (the one that you are hearing in the mp3 above) is what being played on the radio today and is used by the Philippine version of the close up commercial. The song used in the commercial above is not a Philippine version.

Above the guy model. There are rumors that the guy is Jetrin Wattanasin, a thai singer-model. College Physics Paul Peter Urone Pdf Printer. But if you search at him on google, he doesnt look like the guy in the commercial. Al Anon Pamphlets Pdf Printer. Another rumor was that the guy's name is Glenwhel Amezcua, another model from what country, that I didnt know!